Best Ohio Power Rates

by admin on June 13, 2015

The competitive landscape of the Ohio Power service area is becoming brutal among alternative energy companies who are fighting for a piece of the more than 1.4 million residential market share. While Ohio has had a electricity choice market for several years, the customer pool in AEP Ohio Power territory has only recently experienced significant savings opportunities through competitive price plans. Changes in the AEP default rate plan combined with low wholesale energy prices have created a large gap between the price to compare rate and the best Ohio Power rates offered by competitive suppliers. Current market circumstances have grabbed the attention of new Ohio electricity shoppers who are now looking for the best Ohio Power suppliers and pricing options.

Finding the best electricity rate plan doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. Many consumers who are new to energy choice don’t always understand how competition can benefit them. Once they begin researching different rate plans they discover the true benefit of competition – multiple options and choices, allowing the consumer to find the best plan that fits their needs and preferences.

Most electricity shoppers want to lower their electric bill as much as possible, and for these customers the best electricity rate is going to be the cheapest price. In the AEP Ohio Power service area, if a customer chooses not to shop for a competitive electricity rate they end up paying the default “price to compare” rate that is offered by AEP. If better prices are offered by competitive Ohio electricity companies, the customer will save the difference on their monthly AEP electric bill. However if the term of the plan is short, then the customer will have to make sure that they stay on top of prices or they might face a large price hike when the contract ends.

Often companies will offer a low teaser rate that is only good for the first month of service. After that they are free to increase the price substantially as stated in the terms and conditions of the contact that the customer has agreed with. In this scenario, the company offering the cheapest electric rate might not be the best option for the customer. Sometimes it makes more sense for a customer to select a slightly higher priced rate plan that is going to be locked in for a longer period of time in order to avoid unexpected price hikes. The best AEP Ohio Power rates offer not just immediate savings compared to the default price, but protection from volatile energy prices through a fixed rate term of at least five months.

Below are some of the best AEP Ohio Power rate offers that we have found. All rates are updated in real time and are offered by companies who are licensed to be competitive electricity suppliers in the state of Ohio. Saving money on the AEP Ohio electric bill is as easy as selecting one of the plans and filling out a short enrollment form. The switch from a customer’s current rate plan – whether it be the AEP default plan or another competitive plan – to the new selected plan will occur on day that AEP reads the meter.

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