Cheapest Dayton Power and Light Electricity Companies

by admin on August 18, 2015

Competitive electricity companies have entered the Dayton Power & Light electric choice market in hopes of gaining new customers by offering cheap electricity rates and superior customer service. Many consumers in Ohio understand that their state is open to electricity competition, allowing them to shop competitive prices and plans offered by dozens of electricity companies. However, not everyone is up to date on exactly how to go about switching companies and saving money.

One of most common misunderstandings surrounding Ohio energy choice is the role that local utilities such as Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) now play. Electricity choice participants can expect much of the same quality of service as they did before deciding to shop around and switch to a cheaper electricity company. DP&L is still responsible for maintaining the lines and wires that deliver the electricity to customers, even those who decide to purchase their power from a competitive company. Electricity choice participants who shop for a cheaper rate will still receive a bill from DP&L containing the delivery charges, as well as the competitive generation charges.

Participating in Ohio electricity choice is simply about finding a electricity company that either offers a cheaper rate versus the DP&L price to compare, a plan that offers power generated by renewable resources, a fixed rate plan that locks in the price for a certain amount of time, better customer service, or a combination of a few of these choice benefits. The primary reason most people begin their research into alternative electricity companies is to save money by finding cheaper electric rates. Locking in a competitive rate plan that is cheaper than the DP&L price to compare default rate will equate to monthly savings on the electric bill.

Dayton Power & Light charges a default rate, the price to compare, for power generation to all of their customers who do not choose a competitive electricity company. The price to compare is often higher than current competitive rates due to market volatility and uncertainty. Rates for the price to compare are locked in months before they actually go into effect. If wholesale energy prices fall between the time the price to compare power is purchased and the time that power is actually distributed to homes, competitive companies will be able to offer substantially cheaper electricity rates.

Below is a list of current competitive prices and the DP&L price to compare. All of the electricity companies listed are licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to offer service in the Dayton Power & Light distribution area. Companies who are currently offering cheaper electricity rates versus the price to compare also have the savings amount listed for convenience.

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