Compare Duke Energy Power Suppliers

by admin on February 26, 2014

Once upon a time all power customers in Ohio were forced to pay regulated prices for their power supply. Ohio energy choice is allowing Duke Energy customers the ability to shop multiple suppliers and force companies to bring down prices in order to compete. Consumers in the state are becoming more aware of their options as participation rates, the percentage of customers purchasing their power from a competitive supplier, have been steadily increasing.

Duke Energy provides power to more than a half million residential customers in Ohio. These customers have grown up with Duke Energy as a household name. For some, the concept of choosing an alternative supplier to replace Duke Energy is a foreign concept. These customers are unwilling to even consider their options because they feel that Duke Energy has provided a solid service for many years. It is important that all Ohio electricity consumers understand that their local utility continues to be the company that delivers power and responds to power outages and emergencies. For example, even though a Duke Energy customer can switch electric suppliers, the power that comes to their home will still be delivered by Duke Energy.

Choosing a competitive supplier means that a customer is purchasing their power supply from a company who is purchasing the power on the wholesale market and then selling it back to the customer at a retail price. Duke Energy customers who do not choose a competitive supplier pay a default price for their power supply through Duke Energy which is determined through an auction process. If a competitive rate, such as the ones below, are lower than the Duke Energy default rate, the customer will save money on their monthly Duke Energy electric bill.

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