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This website was designed to educate all electricity customers in Ohio about electricity deregulation, competition, and the choices they have to lower their Ohio electric bills.

Ohio Electricity Deregulation History:

Before Deregulation: Prior to Ohio’s decision to deregulate their electricity market, the state’s seven local utility companies were responsible for generating electricity and transmitting the power to individual homes and businesses. Every home and business was the customer of one of these seven utility companies. The utilities were also responsible for billing, customer service, and tech repairs to the electric lines and equipment.

After Deregulation: As a result of Ohio electricity choice laws, the responsibilities of the utilities were split up, leaving the local utility company only responsible for the delivery of power. These local utility companies remain regulated by the state of Ohio. Their revenues are generated from the regulated distribution charges on the electric bill. No matter which electricity company a customer chooses to purchase their power from, the distribution charges remain the same.

The generation portion of your electricity bill, which includes generation and transmission costs, is now open to competition which means you have the ability to go out and shop for a lower rate, a specific plan that fits your needs, promotional offers, green energy, and more. The quality of your power remains the same as it is still being delivered through the same power lines that continue to be managed by your local utility company. The benefits of Ohio electricity choice for most people are lower electric bills. With more electricity companies competing for your business rates will be forced down and incentives and customer service will shoot up.